21 Day FITNESS Challenges

At SOUL FUEL, We Give Good Challenge.

Everyone Finishes a Winner.

Moving everyday will change your life

Exercise keeps you Physically and Mentally Fit.

Daily exercise is the best way to make a real life-lasting change in your habits and lifestyle.

Our next Fitness Challenges are TBA

Rules of the Game

Your goal is to get in a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to vigourous activity a week, to meet Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines (67% of Canadians do not meet these!).
How can I make this happen?
Step 1

Zoom classes + OnDemand workouts: Choose from any of our 100+ Live Zoom monthly classes or 100s of OnDemand video workouts. 

Step 2

Move Outdoors: On your days off from classes, get outside for a minimum of 20 minutes to walk, jog, frolic, play a sport - you name it! 

For The Challenge, do either Step 1 or 2 every day. We want to get you moving daily to feel the benefits!

What can I WIN?

Gift Prize Draws

We have dozens of amazing prize packs + gifts worth $50-300 for your Challenge enjoyment!

CA$H Prize Draws

Yes, cold hard cash. Depending on the challenge, our cash prizes range from $100 to $700!!!

The gift of bringing Life Force + Good Vibes into your life! Everyone WINS that.

How can I WIN?

Accumulate Ballots in the Virtual Ballot Box.
How can I make this happen?
Moving Everyday

ONE ballot for completing the Challenge.

Class Participation
Top 5 class-attendees get ONE extra ballot.

ONE extra ballot for every Challenge Participant you refer. We love friends!

We will also give out random prizes for best social media posts, best fitness faces in class, most family activity and so on. Basically, we will make it FUN!
The more ballots, the more chance of winning!




Step 1

SIGN UP: For our All Access Online Membership HERE. Your first week is FREE, then you pay for the remaining 2 weeks of The Challenge at $22 per week. Following that you can cancel anytime, penalty-free.

Step 2

REGISTER: for The Challenge HERE.

TOTAL COST for 21 Days is $65 + HST = $3 per day for ALL the Challenge bells + whistles + workouts!!!

Challenge FAQ's

How are we keeping track of this?

We have a Virtual Sticker Board! We have an emoji for each activity (classes, outdoors, sequence). This is an amazing tool, as you can see everyone’s activity and keep track of yours.
How do you choose the winners?

We have a software program that draws names randomly. We are hosting monthly online draw parties so that you can see how this is done!
What if I miss a day of movement?

Welllll this is the point of our Fitness Challenges… But we are confident that you can and will move at least 20 minutes a day! You got this.
What are the motivation tools?

Our weekly Challenger Times newsletter, private Facebook Group, our SOUL TALKS will feature guests + topics to keep us connected and inspired, shared themed Playlists, monthly Prize Parties, and finally, the energy of our Classes. We are working to make this the Best Fitness Challenge so far!

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