FITNESS ChallengeS

Next Challenge in Winter 2022, Get Ready For It...! 


  • Savoured the summer and are ready to reboot into high gear this fall!
  • Rarely exercised over the pandemic and are nervous to jump head-first into working out; you need gradual integration back.
  • Thrive on the accountability of a program and people to keep you motivated.
  • Are looking for a body-positive complimentary exercise/lifestyle program that feels good physically + mentally.
  • Just love a challenge and gold stars and prizes and fun!!! 


"SOUL FUEL's Fitness Challenges are always a fun and motivating reset back to feeling good, and good habits. Sign me up!" - Holly, multi-time Challenger


Registration Fee $50 + HST. FREE before September 7th. You must be an Online and/or Studio Member for the duration of the Challenge. 

Rules of the Game

This Fall Fitness Challenge comes after many of us have been away from regular exercise for a couple of months... or even a couple of years. The pandemic did a doozy on our physical and mental health and we want to help you heal, strengthen, take back your power, and find some joy. You deserve it.

Do we hear a @#%& yeah?! SO.

Our primary goal is to get you doing a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to vigourous activity a week, to meet Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines. 

Our secondary goal is to get you examining lifestyle habits that could use some mindful adjusting and additions. That's right, we are only adding health and goodness to your life. 


Step 1

Weekly Workouts:

Week 1 starts with a minimum of 3x workouts and finally Week 4 up to 5x weekly workouts. Additional workouts will earn you additional ballots.

Workouts can be on any one of our platforms (100s of workouts InStudio, Live Online & OnDemand), any class style or level, they just need to be a minimum of 45 minutes each. 

Step 2

Daily Habits:

Add at least 2 on the list below every day for the duration of the Challenge. 

  • Hydration: 3 litres (12-13 cups) of water. Start day with warm lemon water.
  • Meditation: 5 - 20 minutes each morning.
  • Greens: Big salad with lots of fruits/vegetables.
  • Sobriety: Opt instead for sparkling waters, juices, mocktails.

After 28 days you will have done at least 17 workouts and added at least 2 healthy daily habits, creating more balance, strength, clarity, happiness, and empowerment!

We will provide helpful tools and support, but you will be doing the work. You might even win stuff for doing it!?

What can I WIN?

Gift Prize Draws

We have weekly draws for amazing prize packs and gifts worth $50 - 300, to add to your Challenge motivation and pay off. It's fun to win!

CA$H Prize Draws

Yes, cold hard CA$H.  This Fall Challenge will have $100, $100 and $300 CASH PRIZES, drawn at our end of Challenge Party!

The gift of bringing Life Force + Good Vibes into your life! Everyone WINS that.

How can I WIN?

Accumulate ballots in the Virtual Ballot Box. The more ballots you get the more chances you have to WIN.

Completion of Steps 1 & 2

ONE ballot each week you complete, to qualify you for weekly prize draws. Only those who complete the full 28 days will qualify for cash prizes at the end.

Extra Workouts

ONE extra ballot for every additional 3 workouts, up to a max of 26 workouts (up to 3 extra ballots), as rest days are important.


ONE extra ballot for every new Challenge Participant you refer. We welcome your fitness partners in crime!




Step 1

BECOME A STUDIO OR ONLINE MEMBER for the duration of the Challenge - and beyond, should you choose. 

After the Challenge you can cancel online memberships anytime and studio memberships with 30-days notice, both penalty-free.


Step 2

REGISTER FOR THE FALL FITNESS CHALLENGE for FREE until September 7th ($50 + HST after that).

You can start your membership immediately (or start on Day 1 of the Challenge), but expect Challenge information on September 10th.


Challenge FAQ's

How are we keeping track of this?

We have a Virtual Sticker Board! We have an emoji for both Challenge Steps (weekly workouts and daily habits). This is an amazing tool, as you can see everyone’s activity and keep track of yours.

How do you choose the winners?

We have a software program that draws names randomly. We host a Challenge Finale Prize Draw Party where you will see this happen in real time!

What if I skip or mess up one of the steps?

This is the challenging part of The Challenge; motivating you to behave differently, to build the habits, to feel better. So not skipping steps is a big part of doing the Challenge. We can track your workouts through our software, but the daily habits are tracked exclusively by you. And we are rooting for you, you can do this!

What are the motivation tools?

Our weekly Challenger Times newsletter, private Facebook Group, our SOUL TALKS will feature guests + topics to keep us connected and inspired, shared themed Playlists, Prize Parties, and finally, the energy of our Classes. We work to improve on each Challenge to make them the best that they can be for you.

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