Giving Back

SOUL FUEL is not just a movement studio, but a business with a responsibility to give back.

This is central to our mission to harness our power through movement, by empowering the people and organizations in our community with charitable giving.


Tight times? Student? Artist? Unemployed? Underemployed? Want to join but can’t afford it?

Accessibility and Inclusivity are key SOUL FUEL values. We never want financial limitations to be a drawback to having a healthy lifestyle. And times are tough for many right now…

We offer Online PWYC Memberships as Sliding Scale Monthly Online options. This allows you to decide what you can afford.⁠ That might be $25, that might be $55, that might be $0. You decide. Our Online PWYC Membership gives you access to unlimited Livestream Zoom Fitness Classes (25+ weekly) + On-Demand Workouts (100+).

If you'd like to PWYC to join, click the link below and choose the option that works for you. This is an auto-renewing monthly online membership that, just like our standard online memberships, can be cancelled anytime penalty-free. If you’d like to PWYC at a different amount than the listed options, simply email us at [email protected] and we will get you setup at a custom amount, no questions asked.

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Charitable Giving

We have raised thousands for charitable causes through our special class events and fundraisers.

We have donated thousands in services and merchandise to local charitable events and fundraisers to support their own money raising endeavours through giveaways, silent auctions, and raffles.

If you have a charity that you are fundraising for, contact us to see how we can work together and help.

Contact Us Regarding a Donation to Your Organization


Your referrals are our most powerful way to grow our community - and we want to encourage you and thank you.

Everyone is inundated with information, but when it comes from someone they know and trust, people hear it. That’s how powerful you are to us!

Every Member or Personal Training client you recruit for us = $50 credit to you through our referral program.

It's not fancy: either you or your friend simply let us know it was you that brought them our way and we will honour your referral and add some valuable coin to your account with us.

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