Pay-What-You-Choose Donation Program

Give the Gift of Physical + Mental Health to a Fellow Member.

How you can help

Our Pay-what-you-choose Membership Program has been supported by people like you who have the current means to give above + beyond to help us and our members during this challenging time.
Accessibility and Inclusivity are key SOUL FUEL values. We never want financial limitations to be a drawback to having a healthy lifestyle. And times are tough for many right now…
We have university students, artists, performers and service workers in our community, who simply cannot afford the costs of a membership. But they genuinely want to take part and live healthy lives!
Your Donations off-set the cost by giving them a free or reduced cost membership. To date, 50+ members have taken advantage of this option. We are thrilled!
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How you can join

Tight times? Student? Artist? Unemployed? Underemployed? Want to join but can’t afford it?
We welcome you to our fitness and wellness community and don’t want money to be a hindrance. ⁠

We offer PWYC Sliding Scale Monthly Online
. This allows you to decide what you can afford.⁠ That might be $25, that might be $55. You decide. Our Online Membership gives you access to unlimited Livestream Zoom Fitness Classes (25+ weekly) + On-Demand Workouts (100+).

If you'd like to PWYC to join, click the below link and choose the option that works for you. This is an auto-renewing monthly membership that, just like our standard memberships, can be cancelled anytime penalty-free. If you’d like to PWYC at a different amount than the listed options, simply email us at [email protected] and we will get you setup at a custom amount, no questions asked.
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