Referral Program

Bring in Friends & Fam + Earn $ on your account = WIN WIN

We want to grow

Your referrals are our most powerful way to grow our community. Everyone is inundated with information, but when it comes from someone they know and trust, people hear it. That’s how powerful you are to us!

Every Member or Personal Training client you recruit for us = $50 credit to you through our referral program.

Who, How & Tips!

Step 1: Who?

Who do you know who would love SOUL FUEL like you do? Friends, neighbours, family members, your partner, work colleagues?

For InStudio, friends and folks in the neighbourhood are perfect additions to our local community. For our Online Program, they can be anywhere in the world! Keep in mind that you are suggesting something that will make their lives better. This is a good thing. Who counts: Anyone who joins as a Member for a month or more OR any new Personal Training client.

Step 2: How?

Cut and paste the note below and send it via email, place on social media, or heck, call and read it!
Our entry point offer: FREE Online Week Trial or FREE online single class. $29 In-Studio Trial Week.

Incentive: For every Member or PT client you successfully refer, we give you a $50 SOUL FUEL credit to use towards any service or merchandise. If you recruit 4 members, you get a $200 credit! Yeah, we really value your help. You do not need to be a current member to receive this Referral Program Reward. What a great way to get free fitness and swag!

Step 3: Tips!

Targeted personal notes or texts. While a blanket email might snag someone, direct targeting is always the best.
“Hey Sophie! I know you were saying you were feeling sluggish. Come join me for this amazing class called SOUL BURN! I’ll sign us both up.”
Invite them to join you for class. Accountability partnering will help you both! Sign them up for a class that you are taking, then you can have social time after, basking in your endorphin high together!
Buy them a month as an amazing gift! This will get them started. We will take it from there by providing awesome classes and service. You will still get your referral reward by doing this.

Referral Note Copy & Paste!

Hey XYZ,

It’s officially Fall and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like I need to bump up my fitness game. Come join me for the ride!

There’s a studio I am absolutely loving called SOUL FUEL. I think you’ll love it too. There are so many different classes to choose from, amazing instructors and it’s super easy and convenient.

Here’s a video about their Virtual Studio (online classes). It’s different than just doing fitness videos on Youtube or IG, because you’re actually working out in real-time with the instructor and other people. Way more motivating and fun! They have over 25 live classes a week and over 100 on-demand workouts for anytime.

They also have in-person classes at their studio at Bloor & Dundas W! A wide variety of classes including barre, strength, bootcamp, dance fit, yoga, pilates & more.

They are running a membership drive and I’d love you to try them out! You can try a FREE Live Online Class, or even better, you could try their Online Program for a FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL. Even though you input your credit card, you can cancel anytime penalty-free.

Let’s pick a class and you can try it out with me! Accountability partnership or what?? Then we can grab a coffee afterwards 🙂

Sign off with love!

When you register for your class HERE, input the promo code FIRSTFREEONLINE (for a single online class).

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