Soul Mamas: Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Fuel your Joy with the Power of Parenthood

SOUL MAMAS: Post Natal Session

LIVE Online Thursdays at 11:15am-12pm
Current session runs until May 6th

Cardio and conditioning workout for new moms, with your baby in their carrier and/or kids at home to join in or do it solo. Fun and simple dances and exercises to each song, keeping you grooving, invigorated and having fun with other moms - something all new moms new need! Ideal for safe and effective post-natal recovery, taking into account shifts from growing a human in your body and getting them out. Yeah, your body has changed! But it’s also even stronger and more powerful, so let’s tap into that.


SOUL MAMAS 2B: Pre Natal Session

LIVE Online Tuesdays at 6:30-7:30pm

Current session April 13th to May 18th (email us to join partway through a session!)

Cooking your baby bun and want to make sure you're doing all the right things? Join other moms and their bumps for a safe and effective pre-natal workout. Classes will include core breath and hugging baby in properly, proper pelvic floor engagement and release, a lot of work for stabilizers and postural alignment. Low impact, safe exercises to build strength + stamina as well as stretches to relieve pain. A great way to interact with a post natal fitness expert, build a community of moms and stay connected to your body and baby as you prepare for labour.


  • 6 LIVE online classes, for real-time questions, discussion + community building.

  • Registrants will have access to the on-demand recorded class links the following day, to enjoy if you missed class or want to do it again!

  • Maximum 15 participants per session, for optimal instructor interaction, modifications + corrections.

  • $90 + HST ($15 per class)

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