Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Apprenticeship, Program. Professional Training for Leaders in Movement.

Friday October 18 to Sunday October 21

20 hours total


LEAP is for anyone looking to navigate and grow their career in the fitness and wellness industry.

This certification will coach you to assess the myriad of paths available, honing in on your passions and super powers. SOUL FUEL’s certification is designed to LEAP you forward professionally, changing your life and those you lead in movement.

Created and facilitated by a diverse faculty with decades of ground-level teaching, instructor training, and business coaching experience, this program promises to be unique in its approach to understanding, strategizing and thriving in an industry that’s a bit of the wild west.



Module 1: Leadership

Here we build on the communication, clarity, and connection skills to grow your classes, clientele and community. We will analyze various movement practices, as well as practical teaching skills that level you up in the room. Finally, we will hone-in on your strengths to get clear on where, what and why you want to lead, exploring what it means to lead and hold space for people coming to share a movement experience with you.

Module 2: Entrepreneurship

A deeper dive into the nuts and bolts of becoming your own business or joining someone else's. A look at how you want to put yourself out there through various avenues of marketing and advertising, and how to stand out professionally. We will provide small business resources for accounting, insurance and budgeting, as well as tools for fielding and assessing the vast opportunities in a diverse and growing industry. 

Module 3: Apprenticeship

Often described as the missing piece in the training journey, this process will get you doing the work and being mentored along the way. You will choose a Faculty Mentor to work with, who will attend your 'apprenticeship' class, provide helpful feedback, and coach you 1:1 to get the practical insights you're looking for. If you need to wash and repeat this process, we can provide more 1:1 mentorship coaching, to help boost your confidence and get you out there in your areas of interest and expertise.

Program Breakdown

Cost: $980+hst 

  • Hours: Friday 5:00pm to 9:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 8:30am to 4:30pm: 20 hours total
  • Plus 2x 1:1 private apprenticeship and mentorship hours.
  • Receive 4.0 Continued Education Credits (CECs).
  • Studio Members receive a 10% discount.
  • Bursaries available by application.
  • Max 15 participants per training.


Is there a prerequisite to take this program?

No, this course is for anyone interested in leading people in movement and suited to those already certified and/or starting their own small business, who are looking for more advanced career coaching.

I'm interested in this profession, but not sure where to start. Is this program for me?

YES. If you're feeling the nudge, but asking some of these questions: Should I get a Pilates certification, Yoga Teacher Training, Personal Training, which? What is the difference between classes and who decides what is what? Should I teach online, in-person, both? How and where do I apply for jobs? What should I expect to be paid? What are the rules and regulations? We will cover all of this and so much more.

I'm already a certified XYZ instructor. Would this program be useful to me? 

YES, specifically if you feel you need to LEAP forward in your career, but are a bit stuck. Maybe you're asking some of the same questions above, as well as: I did XYZ certifications, now what? I need experience to get hired, but where and how do I get that experience? I'm teaching, but how do I make a real living in this business? I'm now officially a 'small business', so what are the insurance, tax, labour implications? We will cover all of this and so much more.

Will we be learning about the body or how to teach certain classes?

We will not be teaching the more rudimentary elements of anatomy, kinesiology or class content in this program. There are great certifications for this, locally and online, but ours is unique for its focus on industry understanding and professional development.

What certifications would be helpful to have or work on alongside this one?

For fitness-based Group Classes and Personal Training: Canfitpro, ACE, NASM, ISSA. For yoga a 200-500 Yoga Alliance approved certification. For Pilates there's SCOTT and PAI and a few local studio-based certifications that are terrific. We are happy to advise and direct you accordingly.

Will I get Continued Education Credits (CECs) for taking this program?

YES. You will received 4.0 CECs for canfitpro and Yoga Alliance. We will help you apply for CECs for any other certification that requires them. The course is CEC worthy and we are good at bureaucracy;)


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