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for 65+:

Package Details:

An online program for seniors of all fitness levels, designed to increase longevity and work on exercises safely, effectively and even enjoyably! Counter the physical effects of aging by increasing muscle mass, bone density, brain function and energy. Focusing on good form and technique for real-life movements and activities (squatting, pulling, lifting, reaching, balancing), we get you moving healthily, holistically, and joyfully!

Includes Fitness Tracking Calendar


Amy Goldberg; Professional and certified trainer, exercise physiologist certified in specialized modalities, functional fitness and active-aging.

Amy Goldber, Instructor


for KIDS 4+

Package Details:

Put that pent up energy to good use: get your kids moving + grooving for 20 minutes for their PhyEd needs + your few-mins-to-myself needs. Shake the Sillies + Willies out! Access your Super Hero! Start your Olympic training! Learn some basic fitness exercises + dance moves in a FUN + interactive way. Take one task (my kids’ exercise) off your list for the day. We got this for you.

Includes ABC Fitness Activity and Info Package in the fitness video bundles!

Lead Instructor:

Rachelle Ganesh Bain, Head Trainer and Mom!

Rachelle Ganesh Bain


Package Details:
A well-rounded, accessible and fun fitness program designed specifically for Teens! A mix of cardio, weight training and stretches to motivating music, led by a youth fitness expert in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Get into the workout habit early (with a greater chance of being a fit and healthy adult), boost positive mental health, body awareness and all-round super powers!
Rachelle Ganesh Bain, Head Trainer
Rachelle Ganesh Bain, Head Trainer


Our stretch class combines restorative and yin style yoga, as well as traditional sports stretching, to lengthen muscles, fascia and connective tissues. Side effects of this class include improved fitness performance, physical rehabilitation, better posture and alignment, released toxins, feeling more open, and chilling.you.out. Who doesn’t need a bit of all that?
Fuelled by a vinyasa style yoga, this class will provide mobility, strength training and self-induced heat. By building and stringing postures together in a marriage of breath and movement, we will create a feel-good yoga ‘flow’. There will be creativity, variety and lots of modifications/options to allow beginners and pros to experience the full flow benefits and joy! 


Bar none, this is an incredible barre workout! Inspired by ballet, infused with functional fitness exercises, and truly cardio-filled - anyone can enjoy this barre class. You’ll barre-ly know you’re working out, whilst you pump up the jam to high-energy dance and 90s hip-hop tunes! We guarantee a rave level sweat and you miiiight also feel a bit like a dancer:) 
Our version of a Pilates mat class, here you tone, tighten and lengthen your muscles in a wholly soul fuelled way. Strength training using body weight, light weights and small equipment pieces (gliders, bands and light weights), this class will cater to and challenge a wide range of fitness levels. Get ready to work deeply from the inside out.


This interval training cardio class will pump those endorphin fuels and leave you feeling full + recharged. This HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training) will focus on anaerobic training with shorter – and tougher! – interval style exercises.
This is your traditional bootcamp style class with a bit more boost than boot! Designed to rev your engine and get your gears going, this class is Circuit Training designed to improve cardiovascular health and muscle endurance. Boostcamp is a terrific full-body workout that will fill your lungs, heart and soul with the fuel you need. This will be a whistle-free class.
*Heaviest weights you have around: Kettlebell(s) and/or dumbbell(s) OR fill up a backpack with heavy household items!* You wanna be Badass Strong? Yeah you do. Give your strength a hearty lift with this weights-focused class. By lifting heavier weights at lower reps, you will increase muscle, joint and bone density, change your body composite, and effectively boost your metabolism. BAM! Plus, you’ll be able to open any jar in the house. No, you won't bulk up.

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