Our Story

How it Began and why you Belong


We want everyone to make fitness an ongoing part of their lives. Today, 67% of North Americans do not meet minimum exercise requirements for health. In hopes to create a safe and positive space for more of us, SOUL FUEL commits to these values:

HEALTH over Aesthetics.

PROGRESS over Perfection.

PRESENT over Before/After.

ACCEPTANCE over Judgment

INCLUSIVE over Exclusive.

KINDNESS over Coolness.

JOY over Pain.

SOUL FUEL was founded in 2019 by Canadian Fitness Expert MELISSA-JANE SHAW who has been teaching fitness, yoga and dance in Canada and abroad for over 25 years.

MJ's background is as a professional actor, dancer, and choreographer. Being in that industry since childhood was very body dysmorphic and often unkind, physically and mentally. The road to recovery included various forms of therapy, surgeries, fertility treatments, and motherhood in her 40s, resulting in a deeper understanding of the real beauty and power of our amazing bodies. MJ's mission is to share a body positive approach to fitness, welcoming folks at all stages of their fitness journeys, to arrive as they are and harness their power through movement.

More than a gym, SOUL FUEL is a place where we promise kindness, community and fun! We also promise fantastic and varied workouts that will motivate from a place of improving physical, mental and spiritual health.


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