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LIVE ONLINE CLASSES + On demand workouts

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Connection. Accountability. Community. Convenience. Variety. Flexibility.

  • 100+ LIVE monthly Zoom classes: Feel like you are in class.
  • 100s of ON DEMAND workouts for you to choose from anytime! Variety of 7 to 55 minute classes added to our library daily.
  • Fitness challenges to mix things up, renew motivation, and beat workout slumps.
  • Award-winning Trainers right there with you in real time to coach, correct + connect with you LIVE on Zoom.

How This Works:

Step 1

Choose from a flexible variety of payment options below. You can try your all-access FIRST WEEK FREE! Cancel anytime, penalty free.

Step 2

Start BOOKING your Live Zoom classes and/or choosing from 100s of OnDemand workouts from our Library. Get moving and grooving right away!

Step 3

You can access your class directly from your Wellness Living account. Click the class and bam! There we are, ready to workout together LIVE.

Step 4

We have an incredible ON-DEMAND LIBRARY that you can access through your account once as an online member. New classes added daily!


FAQ's Answered:

Do I need equipment for online classes?

Stocking up your 'home gym' space with a few basic pieces of equipment will be very helpful: 3 sets of dumbells (3s, 5s, 8s to start + add more as you go) and a resistance band to start. Bonus items would be a kettle bell (15 lbs +) and Pilates ring. At home you can use a chair for barre class, tea towel for a glider, pillows for bolsters, belt for stretch strap. You can get creative to save!

I’m feeling out of shape. What classes should I start with?

Begin with classes that you love most and take it easy to start! We will provide modifications and options. We also encourage you to follow your own pace. You can turn your camera off and ease in. SOUL STRETCH, SOUL BURN and FUEL BARRE are nice fitness start-ups and FITPOP + RetroFITPOP to get dancing 🙂 CLICK HERE for all our class descriptions!

Can we communicate with the trainer in class?

Yes! This is the beauty of LIVE online classes. Trainers can see you too, should you choose to turn your camera on. During class, we ask you stay muted, but for modifications or anything specific, you can always use the live CHAT feature or connect with us for a 1:1 consult anytime.

Can more than one household member join?

Sure! Some people pay multiple memberships, which we appreciate. But really, we love a family affair and at-home accountability partnering is a terrific tool for motivation!

Do you offer online Personal Training?

We sure do! CLICK HERE to learn more about our Personal Training program & packages. Email us at [email protected] to schedule in your free consult!

If I need help with any of this, can I talk to a real live person for help??

Yes 🙂 We have several nice humans working at our front desk who can call you or walk you through it on a video call. Just drop us a line and we can make this happen.

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